Being Social in Higher Education
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Facebook in the Classroom?

When I started at Georgetown University in 2011, I was urged to read The Chronicle of Higher Education to get my bearings. Overall, I have found the daily emails incredibly useful and every-so-often there’s an article that really makes me stop, think, and even print it out to read again (what can I say, I’m a Gen X’er). 

On August 5, 2014 I had such moment. In the midst of preparing a social media strategy for higher education I saw this article, “Why This Professor is Encouraging Facebook Use in His Classroom”, and I paused. Then I went to my printer. :)

The article explains the study that Kevin Dougherty, associate professor of psychology at Baylor University, spent the last two and a half years measuring how the Facebook group he created for his intro to psychology class impacted student performance. Part of his findings concluded that those who participated in the online group did better than those who did not. Mr. Dougherty decided to basically meet students where they are and make use of the technology. 

He co-authored the study with Brita Andercheck, which was published in April 2014. 

Would you expect the same at your college / university? Is this a good or bad idea?